Jute Price Analysis :  Bangladesh & India




Monthly Raw Jute Price Movement in Bangladesh in 2012

According to the data found from Bangladesh Jute Association during 2012 monthly rated raw jute prices in Bangladesh was almost unchanged in first nine months of the year, if we ignore the effect of exchange rate. On the other hand in last three months it was in little declining trend.

Source: Bangladesh Jute Association

Yearly raw Jute export price movement in Bangladesh during 2006-2012

 Analyzing the export price of raw jute (two selected grades) from Bangladesh during 2006-2012, it is comprehended that the price was relatively high during 2009 -2011 but the prices of both the grade of raw jute decline in 2011-12.


Source: FAO Stat





Monthly Raw Jute Price Movement in India in 2012

Considering the data collected from the Jute Baler's Association monthly rated raw jute prices in India was in regular and normal fluctuation trend. Prices of rated raw jute were steady increasing trend during February-March and July-September in 2012. On the other hand the prices of above mentioned jute was in declining trend during April-June and October-December of the reported year.


Source: The Jute Baler's Association (Ex West Bengal Price)

Export Prices of Selected Jute Products in India during 2008-2011

Export price of Hessian in India was decreased in 2009, but later during 2010-11 it was increased steadily. On the other hand price of Sacking was increased steadily in India during 2008-2010. However the price of sacking was stable in 2011. 

          Source: FAO Stat


Comparison of Jute Prices at grower level between

 Bangladesh and India during 2008 - 2011

Indian growers enjoyed better Jute prices than growers of Bangladesh in reported period which is very much important for the sustainability of the growers as well as the jute sector. In 2010 growers of both the country enjoy better price comparing with the previous years’ price. But in 2011 Bangladeshi growers faces a sharp decline by around USD 200/ Tonne in Jute price. On the other hand Indian growers also face a decrease in Jute price in 2011 which is half of the magnitude compared with Bangladesh.










Source: FAO Stat