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      Investment Opportunity   

No.   Title of the Project
1   Manufacture of Jute Blended Cost Effective Blankets
2   Manufacture of Fine Jute and Jute Blended Yarn

"Biotechnological Application of Enzymes for Making Paper Pulp from Green Jute / Kenaf (The Whole Jute Plant)”:  

  The Economic and Financial Analysis Study for the Jute / Kenaf Pulp Manufacturing

  Title : Manufacture of Fine Jute and Jute Blended Yarn
  Capacity :

17,00,000 kg. ( at 90% capacity Utilisation ; 300 working days per annum; 3 shifts )

  Indicative Project Cost : 96,000,000 Tk (Bangladesh)
  Project Brief :

Technology for manufacturing of fine and blended jute in Jute Spinning system has been commercially exploited. The Jute Spinning system will enable to produce 4lbs/spy. jute blended yarn and 6lbs/spy. and above 100% jute yarn for various applications.

It is gathered that 5 MT per day capacity or its multiple productive capacity unit yields better margin of profit and generates employments of 28-30 Man-days per MT of yarn production.  The Private Sector Entrepreneurs may work out in details in consultation with respective Technical Institutions for feasibility studies.

IJSG disseminates from a report, prepared by Alpha Consultancy Ltd. and rights of the report rests jointly with Ministry of Jute, Govt. of the People's Republic ofBangladesh and International Jute Organisation and European Commission in Bangladesh.

For more details, interested parties may contact National Centre For Jute Diversification (NCJD), Kolkata (India) and Jute Diversified Products Centre, Dhaka (Bangladesh). Technological support may be available from IJIRA(India) or BJRI(Bangladesh) .

  List of Plant & Machinery :

  Name of the Machinery

1   Emulsion Plant
2   Softerner / Speader
3   Breaker Card
4   Finisher Card
5   First Drawing (Open Gill)
6   Second Drawing (Open Gill)
7   Finisher Drawing (Open Gill)
8   Intersecting Gill Drawing
9   Ring Frame
10   Apron Draft Spinning Frame
11   Ring Twister
12   Precision Winder
13   Roll Winder
14   Humidifier
15   Compressure
16   Bale Press
17   SQC Laboratory Set
18   Sub Station Equipment / Electrical Equipment
19   D G Set ( 150 KVA)
20   Spares and Parts
21   Power Reeling
22   Fire Fighting Equipment
23   Weighing Scales

Source : Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports on Fine Yarn spinning of jute blended with other fibres, prepared by Alpha Consultancy, Bangladesh and Rights Reserved by Govt. of Bangladesh and IJSG (Formerly IJO)

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