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The Committee on Projects (COP)

According to Paragraph 10 of the Agreement establishing the Terms of Reference of the International Jute Study Group, the Committee on Projects (COP) comprising of all members was established by the Council at its first meeting held in 27-30 April 2002. The COP meets normally twice a year in accordance with the guidelines of the Council. It advises the Council on all aspects of projects and related activities in accordance with rules established by the Council. The Council, in certain circumstances, delegates to the COP its power relating to the approval of the projects.  The council, in its first session, delegated its power of approval of projects and related activities to the COP.The Council at its 4th session  delegated the power of financial sanction of projects worth US$ 25,000 in a year from the IJSG's special account to the COP.

Normally, project proposals are received by the Secretary General from the Members of the Group which are scrutinised by the Secretariat. The projects are then considered by the COP and if neccessary, by the Council for approval and prioritisation.

The COP has held fourteenth meetings so far : on 25-26 November 2002, 2-3 April 2003, 20-21 October 2003, 5-6 April 2004, 16-17 February 2005, 27-28 December 2005, 13-14 November 2006, 12 - 13 August 2007, 27-28 August 2008, 07 - 08 October 2009, 08 - 09 December 2010, 29 September 2011 , 14 May 2012 and 15 May 2013.

The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the COP for the year 2013/2014:

Additional Secretary (Policy), Ministry of Textiles & Jute, Government of Bangladesh.


Jute Commissioner, Ministry of Textiles, Government of  India.

Record of Decisions/Reports/Annexes of COP Meetings

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