Entrepreneurship  Development


The International Jute Study Group (IJSG) implemented several projects for the development of Entrepreneurs such as:    


Small-Scale Entrepreneurship Development in Diversified  Jute Products


The Summery of findings and outcome of the project:

  • A large number of new small entrepreneurs have been developed under the project (1150 in India and 1420 in Bangladesh).

  • The entrepreneurs have started production and sale of JDPs and thus benefited.

  • The JDP base has been expanded, existing JDPs popularized.

  • Large scale mixing of jute fibres/yarn /fabrics with leather/other materials has been encouraged to produce high quality innovative JDPs to cater to the changing market demand.

  • Use of JDPs to gradually replace plastic/synthetic fibre based products and to contribute towards improvement of the environment.

  • 3 JESCs, 3 RMBs, 3 Data Banks, 3 Design Banks, 3 Display Galleries, a project website have been set up in each India and Bangladesh apart from many Awareness, Skill development / Training / Design workshops, Buyers-Sellers Meets/ Exhibitions organized under the project.

  • Dissemination of project results will continue to encourage more new entrepreneurs to get involved in production & marketing of JDPs in the coming years.


Present status of the project:

  • The income of the beneficiaries who had very little /no income before joining the project has increased quite a lot.

  • The increase in the volume of JDPs has led to an overall increase in utilisation of jute in different forms having positive impact on the production of jute.

  • The awareness workshops, skill development programs, JDP production/ marketing activities incl. BSMs/Fairs, extended to many locations /areas of India and Bangladesh have expanded the JDP based activities and will continue to accelerate steadily in future.

  • Involvement of large no. of entrepreneurs in production of JDPs contributed in creating employment opportuni-ties, income generation, poverty alleviation, and rural women empower-ment and thereby improvement of their socio-economic conditions.


Design Workshops


The project was implemented as per approved work plan and activity schedule in Bangladesh and India.


Achievements of the project:

  • Awareness created among the small & micro entrepreneurs about the importance of design, finishing, etc. the aesthetic aspects of JDPs.

  • Training imparted on selection of materials; various techniques and processes involved in making JDPs & handicraft products.

  • Skills of JDP producers upgraded in designing, making patterns, stitching, using colours, producing attractive quality products for domestic and international markets.

  • In India 32 artisan, selected from various JSCs, were trained on handloom weaving, bleaching, dyeing, and bag making. Similarly, in Bangladesh, trainings were given to 50 participants were trained on weaving, wet processing, tailoring & designing.