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Fibre Grading System

The existing jute and allied fibre grading systems and the names of the different grades of fibres, as being practiced in the different major producing countries, are given below.

Grading is done after the barky ends are cut off. There are six grades both for White and Tossa jute. The characteristics specified for various grades are given below.
Characteristics of different grades of White Jute



BW special

White/creamy white. Fibre of the finest texture. Very strong and very good lustre. Completely free from any defect, clean cut, well hackled and entirely free from red ends.


White to light cream. Fibre of fine texture. Strong and very good lustre. Completely free from any blemish. Clean cut, well hackled and entirely free from red ends.


Light cream to straw colour. Fibre of good texture, strong and good lustre, free from blemish. Clean cut and well hackled excluding red ends.


Light grey/light reddish to straw colour. Clean fibre of sound strength and average lustre. Free from hard specks and croppy, hard gummy tops. Well-cut, well hackled, free from black roots, red soft ends permissible.


Any colour, average strength, occasional bark and specks. Slightly croppy and gummy tops. Well-cut and well hackled, red ends permissible.


Any colour, any strength but free from perished fibre. Free from any unretted jute & sticks but bark and hard center permissible. Rough cut and well hackled.

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