GNFF-IJSG Partnership



The Global Natural Fibres Forum is an International network of stakeholders interested in promoting the development and propagation of natural fibres and assisting small producers’ livelihoods improvement across the globe. Natural Fibers are an integral part of ‘Green Economy’ with their utilizations in aerospace, automobiles, bio composites, bio fuels, pharmaceutical industries and the creative sector. Through its network, GNFF acts as a knowledge platform to disseminate knowledge, sharing information, access technology    and increased commerce. 

The GNNF has a focus on the artisanal as well as industrial use of Natural Fibres. There are numerous fibres found in Asian countries which remain unexplored. GNFF focuses its energies on popularizing the various industrial and non industrial applications of lesser known fibres like grasses, straws, water hyacinth, pineapple, husk, etc and the possibilities it offers for the socio economic development of vast millions of people.  

As IJSG and GNFF have common interest in the development/promotion of natural fibre sector, A Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation (MoUC) has been signed between the International Jute Study Group (IJSG) and the Global Natural Fibres Forum in March 2013. Mr. Bhupendra Singh, Secretary General, IJSG and Ms Neelam Chhiber, GNFF signed the MoU on behalf of their respective organizations. 

The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to ensure cooperation between IJSG and GNFF through consultation, coordination of efforts, mutual assistance and joint action in fields of common interest and in accordance with the objectives and principles of IJSG and GNFF. IJSG and GNFF shall arrange for the exchange of information and documents concerning matters of common interest. Both the Parties also agreed to organize exposure visit(s) and training programs in the field of Jute, natural fibers and product development in areas of mutual interests and will conduct joint seminars, symposia and workshops. 

The Asian Regional Symposium of Global Natural Fibres Forum (GNFF) held from 25 to 27 September 2012 at the Lait Ashok Hotel in Bengaluru, India. Mr. Watipaso Mkandwire, Advisor and Acting Head, Enterprise Development, Commonwealth Secretariat, (SASD) UK was present in the inauguration of the symposium. Safinoor Sagorika, Library and Resource Centre Assistant from the International Jute Study Group (IJSG) has participated the symposium during the period. The Symposium expected to lay ground for the building of a GNFF (Asian) forum bringing together key stakeholders from different countries. An exhibition was arranged during the GNFF Symposium. Different participants from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand participated in the exhibition. The IJSG Secretariat also took part in the exhibition with different jute products and IJSG publications.

GNFF Contact Person:

Poonam Golani

Project Officer

Industree Crafts Foundation

Email: poonam@industree.org.in

GNFF Website:  http://www.globalnaturalfibres.org/