INF&MP-IJSG Partnership








The Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants (INF&MP) is the only one in Poland interdisciplinary research unit with international significance, which takes care of complex researches concerning obtaining and processing natural lignocellulosic fibre raw materials such as: flax, hemp, and protein ones such as: silk, wool and so on.


The Institute is conducting research concerning:


  • Molecular biology

  • Genetic engineering, biotechnology and agronomy of bast fibre plants

  • Technology and construction of machines used for harvesting, the way of extracting the fibre and refining it

  • The initial processing, and also spinning, weaving, knitting and finishing technology

  • Application of lignocellulosic raw materials for the production of fabrics, knitted goods, non-woven, pulp and    composites as well as utilisation of by-products arising during processing of these products

  • Application of flax and hemp seeds in pharmaceutics, food and cosmetics production and the so-called 'agrofine chemicals'

  • Technology of producing fire retardants, fungi-, and insecticides as well as germicides for the needs of fibre    industry, composites and wood

  • Sewage treatment and air protection, industry contaminated land management leading to non-food plants growing.



A Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation (MOUC) has been signed between the International Jute Study Group (IJSG) and the Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants (INF&MP) on 21 September 2011 at INF&MP, Wojska Polskiego 71b, PL 60630 Poznan, Poland.


Prof. Dr. Maria Wladyka-Przybylak, Deputy Director, INF&MP and Mr. Bhupendra Singh, Secretary General, IJSG signed the MOUC on behalf of their respective organizations.


The main objectives of signing MOUC are to facilitate exchange of information, experiences, views, expertise and to take up joint studies as well as action research programs, generate information and documentation in related fields. Another important objective is to take up projects jointly particularly multi-country projects. Both the Parties also agreed to organize exposure visit(s) and training programs in the field of Jute, natural fibers and product development in areas of mutual interests and will conduct joint seminars, symposia and workshops.


Areas for joint cooperation between IJSG and INF&MP are but not limited to Joint study and action research/ pilot projects and activities, capacity building etc. in different areas of development of natural fibres with special emphasis on the fibres of particular interest to both the organizations.


INF&MP Website: www.iwnirz.pl