List of Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) funded Projects & Activities on Jute
  CFC Funded on-going Projects of IJSG:

CFC/IJSG/25 Increased Production Efficiency in Small-holder  Kenaf Production Systems for Specific Industrial Applications       
  CFC/IJSG/21 Development and Application of Potentially Important Jute Geotextiles
  CFC funded Projects  & Activities completed during IJSG:


Biotechnological Application of Enzymes for making Pulp and Paper from Green Jute/Kenaf (the whole plant)     Project Report



Jute Reinforced Polyolefines for Industrial Applications: Phase II: Material Optimisation and Process Up-scaling for Commercialisation   Project Report



A Road Map for Jute     Project Report



Study in the Residual Silica/Silicate in Raw Jute and Scope for Elimination/ Reduction     Project Report



Low Cost Retting of Jute/Kenaf/ Mesta for Quality Up-gradation   

  Project Report



Observance of the International Year of Natural Fibres (IYNF) 2009

  Conference Papers



International Workshop on Jute Geotextiles – Technical Potential and Commercial Prospects      Project Report



Small-Scale Entrepreneurship Development in Diversified  Jute Products

  Project Report

  CFC funded Projects  completed during IJO
  CFC/IJO/01 Improvement of Physico-Chemical Properties of Jute/Kenaf Fibres, Yarn and Fabrics for Producing Value-added Diversified Products
  CFC/IJO/02 Development of Specific Applications of Jute based Non-wovens to Enable Commercialization
  CFC/IJO/05 Development of Jute based Packaging and Jute intermediates as a substitute for Wooden/Plywood and other packaging materials
  CFC/IJO/09 Technical Specification and Market Study of  Potentially Important Jute Geotextile Products
  CFC/IJO/13 Development of Specific Applications of Jute based Non-wovens to Enable Commercialization (Phase II)