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In pursuance of its objectives, the Group has the following functions:

(a) To develop an appropriate strategy for the improvement of the world jute economy with particular emphasis on generic promotion of jute and jute products;

(b) To conduct consultations and exchanges of information on the international jute economy;

(c) To initiate, sponsor, supervise, monitor and act as a catalyst with respect to projects and related activities aimed at improving the structural conditions of the world jute economy and the general economic well-being of those employed therein. In exceptional cases, the involvement of the Group in the implementation of projects shall be approved by the Council, provided that this involvement shall not bring about any additional costs for the administrative budget of the Group;

(d) To provide and improve statistics and market intelligence on jute and jute-based products in consultation with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and other appropriate bodies;

(e) To undertake studies on various aspects of the world jute economy and related issues; and

(f)  To consider problems or difficulties which may arise in the international jute economy.

In implementing its functions above, the Group shall take into account the activities of other relevant international organizations, including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).








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