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Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) funded Project
  Title: Development of Jute based Packaging and Jute intermediates as a substitute for Wooden/Plywood and other packaging materials (CFC/IJO/05)
  Total Cost: USD 1,256,695
  Fund : CFC Grant: USD 1,141,695
  PEA: AEA Technology,  UK

Jan 1995- 1998

  Participating Countries:

United Kingdom

AE Technology


The Netherlands




Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP)

  Summery of findings and outcome

A number of jute composite materials have been developed; markets have been studied; and promising product areas for commercial exploitation have been identified. Potential products areas include soft packaging for tea and other food packages; crates for fruit packaging; and jute-resin bonding as an intermediate product for producing various packaging materials.

Improved rigid, jute composites based on thermosetting thermoplastic, inorganic and organic matrices, which could be used for, or to aid, right constructions –packing cases, interior paneling, etc.


Commercialization/ Current Status:

The development of jute reinforced or filled compression and injection moulding pellets, which could be processed with conventional plastics forming  equipment and jute boards which could be thermoformed.

A follow up project on “Jute Reinforced Polyolefines for Industrial Application Phase II: Material Optimizations and Process Upscaling for Commercialization” has been successfully implemented.

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