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Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) funded Project
  Title: Development of Specific Applications of Jute based Non-wovens to Enable Commercialization (Phase II) (CFC/IJO/13)
  Total Cost: USD  956,283
  Fund :

CFC Grant: USD 756,283

Co-financing (Netherlands): USD 200,000


The Textile Consultancy (TTC), UK


June 1996–1999

  Participating Countries:  
  Summery of findings and outcome The project demonstrated that jute can move away from outmoded wovens into the non-woven growth sector of technical textiles. As a result of the development and introduction of non-woven products, eight to ten  European plants in Germany, Belgium and UK are regularly producing non-woven products. The PCR contains a database of potential customers for non-woven jute products and of non-woven producers as potential customers for jute sliver. The project successfully developed and commercialized products include shoe insole material which meets industry specifications. Major companies are reported to be interested in the commercial uptake of the jute-based insoles.



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