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Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) funded Project
  Title: Biotechnological Application of Enzymes for making Pulp and Paper from Green Jute/Kenaf (the whole plant) (CFC/IJSG/14)
  Total Cost: USD  1,493,260
  Fund : CFC Grant: USD  888,260

Jan. 2001-May 2004

  Participating Countries:


Bang. Jute Res. Institute (BJRI), &

Bang. Chem. Ind. Corp. (BCIC)



Inst. of Bast Fiber Crops (IBFC)



Centre Tech. du Papier (CTP)



Central Pulp & Paper Res. Inst (CPPRI)


The Netherlands

Agrotechnology and Food Innovations (A&FI),

  Summery of findings and outcome
  • Jute and kenaf (whole plant) are suitable raw materials for the production of pulp and paper by the Soda-AQ and Kraft processes.

  • Various grades of paper (wrapp-ing and writing paper) can be produced in the chemical process.

  • Newsprint grade of paper can be produced by mechanical pulping in APMP process.

  • Bio- pulp was found to require less chemicals in bleaching.

  • Bio-pulping showed promising results in the reduction of energy &

  • chemical requirements with improved physical properties of pulp.

  • Bio-pulping technologies are effective in small-scale paper mills, manually operated jute based paper mills and in mechanical pulping (esp. in the APMP process).

  • Large scale commercial trials were successfully conducted at BCIC, CPPRI and CTP.


Commercialization/ Current Status:

Dissemination workshops held in Bangladesh and India. Another dissemination workshop was held in Dhaka in Bangla.


A Task Force to explore the possibility of commercialization of the technology was formed by the Govt. of Bangladesh.


Based on some assump-

tions a Techno-economic feasibility study was done in the project which was not acceptable to the prospective entrepreneurs.


Bashundhara, Mr. Shamsul Huq, Jute Spinners’ Ltd. were not fully convinced.

  Project Report

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