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Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) funded Project
  Title: Jute Reinforced Polyolefines for Industrial Applications: Phase II: Material Optimisation and Process Up-scaling for Commercialisation (CFC/IJSG/19)
  Total Cost: USD 441,000
  Fund : CFC Grant :   USD 390,000
  PEA: UAgrotech.& Food Innovations B.V(A&F), The Netherlands

August 2004 -Dec. 2008

  Participating Countries:


Aziz Pipes Ltd.,



Birla Corporation Ltd.,

  Summery of findings and outcome Jute:PP (50:50) granules have been successfully prepared which were used to produce some items like Electric Extension Cable Cover at BITAC and house hold items at a plastic factory in Kolkata through injection molding process. Targeted products like Cloth Hangers, Buckets, Crates, Boxes, garden implements, garbage collector etc. with proper  justification.


Commercialization/ Current Status:

Relevant organisations have been informed but unfortunately no entrepreneur has shown any interest so far for commercialization of the technology.

  Project Report

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