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Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) funded Project
  Title: International Workshop on Jute Geotextiles – Technical Potential and Commercial Prospects (CFC/IJSG/21)
  Total Cost: USD 59,000
  Fund : CFC Grant : 49,000
  Duration: 05-06 April 2010
  Participation: IJSG, CFC & JMDC, India  organized the workshop and was participated by a large number of different R&D institutions/research organisations universities, manufacturers, mills/industry, engineers, private / public users, agencies, traders/marketing people, policy makers, regulatory bodies & geotextiles experts from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Europe.
  Summery of findings and outcome An  International Workshop was organized to obtain necessary inputs from the stakeholders in the supply chain of jute geotextiles for revising /developing the IJSG sponsored project entitled” Development and Application of Potentially Important Jute Geotextiles” appropriately.


Commercialization/ Current Status:

The geotextiles project proposal was revised/developed according to the recommendations of the workshop.

The project is now being implemented in India and Bangladesh with the funding support of CFC.

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