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Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) funded Project
  Title: Development and Application of Potentially Important Jute Geotextiles (CFC/IJSG/21)
  Total Cost: USD  3,962,826
  Fund : CFC Grant: USD 2,045,000
  PEA: National Jute Board (NJB), India
  Duration: During 2010-2014
  Participating Countries:


Jute Diversification Promotion Centre (JDPC) &



National Jute Board (NJB), India                                      

Number of Facilitating Agencies in Bangladesh & India

  Summery of findings and outcome
  • To lead to the commercial acceptability of potentially important jute geotextiles (JGT) suitable for use in two identified end-uses namely soil erosion control and rural road construction in the context of conditions prevalent in Bangladesh and India. The results to be extrapolated to conditions in other (potential market) countries of the world.

  • To develop material specifications, field application / installation protocols and design methodologies for these applications in compliance with requirements and standards set by public and private sector users



Commercialization/ Current Status:

The project was formally launched at Delhi on 12 Nov.09 by the Minister of Textiles, Govt. of India. The Fund’s Managing Director, Secretary, MOT other senior officials of the GOI; Secretary General & officials of IJSG; and all project partners and facilitating agencies were present.

The project activities are being implemented as per approved work plan and activity schedule in Bangladesh and India.


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