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Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) funded Project

Low Cost Retting of Jute/Kenaf/ Mesta for Quality Up-gradation (CFC/IJSG/24FT)

  Total Cost: USD 117,000
  Fund : CFC Grant :   USD   98,000

May 2007-June 2009

  Participating Countries:


Inst. of Jute Technology (IJT)



Bangladesh  Jute Res. Institute (BJRI)

  Summery of findings and outcome
  • A simple cost-effective improved retting technology developed by JCI, Kolkata has been disseminated to a total of 4019 and 3650 jute/mesta farmers in India and Bangladesh respectively through trainings and practical demonstrations.

  • Fibre quality has been upgraded by at least one grade by this retting technique.

  • Impact of retting techniques on fibre quality, grades/grading systems, other proven retting techniques were disseminated to the farmers.

  • The ribbon retting techniques, developed by BJRI/ NIRJAFT was found effective esp. for the water scarce areas and attracted the farmers.



Commercialization/ Current Status:

Training, awareness and motivation programmes through JCI centres in other jute/kenaf /mesta growing areas of India are being continued. In Bangladesh, Dept. of Jute discussed for adop-tion of the technique with 600 enlisted farmers in Dinajpur area and hoped that a majority of the total  20,000 enlisted farmers of DOJ in 100 upajila of Bangladesh would be benefited by adopting this newly disseminated retting technique.

  Project Report

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