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Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) funded Project
  Title: Increased Production Efficiency in Small-holder  Kenaf Production Systems for Specific Industrial Applications (CFC/IJSG/25)
  Total Cost: USD  3,204,177
  Fund : CFC Grant: USD 2,107,746
  PEA: UNIDO, Vienna
  Duration: March 2009-2012
  Participating Countries:


Bangladesh  Jute Res. Institute (BJRI)



Institute for Bast Fibre Crops (IBFC)



Institute of Tropical Forestry & Forest Products (INTROP)

Malaysian National Kenaf & Tobacco Board (MNKTB)’ 6 industrial partners;



1 industrial partner (Composittrailer)

  Summery of findings and outcome
  • To select suitable germplasm with advantageous yield, yield contributing traits and specific fibre characteristics as required for specific applications viz. paper pulp, fibre boards, composites and possible other industrial uses.

  • To develop/adapt suitable mechanical and biological primary processing steps to increase process efficiency and fibre quality and to reduce costs and environmental  footprint.

  • To evaluate and select cultivars/ varieties in laboratory and/or pilot /full scale trials depending on the appli-cation to ascertain its suitability in the specific contexts.

  • To increase and stabilize supply of kenaf fibre material according to demand of industrial end-users.               


Commercialization/ Current Status:

The project activities are being implemented as per approved work plan and activity schedule in Bangladesh, China and Malaysia.


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