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02.03.2013 Technicaltextile News Bangladesh organizes conference on application  
04.03.2013 Unknown Geotextiles and Geomembranes  
04.03.2013 By: A. J. Khan Technical assessment of jute geotextiles for civil  
01.11.2012 Environmental Expert Erosion Control Blankets  
30.08.2012 IJSG News Half-yearly Meeting of the Project  
21.07.2012 FExpress JGT can help prevent hill-slide: Experts  
21.02.2012 FE More experiments needed on commercial use of  
21.02.2012 Kaler kantha

বহুমুখী ব্যবহার বাড়াতে 'জিও জুটের' বিকল্প নেই : ভূপেন্দ্র সিংহ

21.02.2012 Prothom Alo জুট িজoেটkটাiল বয্বহার বৃিdর তািগদ  
22.10.2011 BSS With a view to diversifying the use of jute and  
16.10.2010 Fibre2fashion

Local mills can produce jute geo textile

11.10.2009 World Jute.com Project For Development & Application of  
05.08.2008 Fibre2fashion

Use jute geo-textile to lift deteriorating