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Year :   2012- 2013





Science Daily 16.03.2014 Climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than thought
Environmental News Network 13.03.2014 Antarctic ecosystem due to change radically with climate change
BBC News 07.03.2014 Taking the war out of global warming
Science Daily 05.03.2014 Climate change: Improving heat tolerance in trees
Environmental news network 24.01.2014 Emissions outsourced to China return to US as air pollution
Environmental news network 22.01.2014 Warming climate will bring more extreme 'El Nino' events 
BBC News 25.11.2013 Kiribati island: Sinking into the sea?
Environmental News Networkt 21.12.2013 Climate change and livestock
Climate News Network 19.12.2013 Arctic melting ‘affects temperate zones’
Environmental News Network 13.12.2013 Shanghai air quality crisis
Environmental Expert 21.10.2013 Red Smog alert chokes northern China
Environmental Expert 18.10.2013 Plants Absorb Carbon, Reduce Historical Warming
REUTERS 17.10.2013 New eco-friendly school to open in Ajman next year
Environmental Expert 16.10.2013 Air quality still not good in European cities
30.09.2013 Knitting Industry CELC launches the ‘Observatoire des Fibres Liberiennes’
28.09.2013 Environmental News network Air pollution danger areas mapped by NASA
11.09.2013 JEC Group Focal introduces a speaker cone made of flax fibres composites
03.04.2013 Environmental Expert CoirGreen™ Geotextiles - An Effective Soil Erosion Prevention Method
23.04.2013 Europen Plastic News Biodegradable plastics demand growing 15% annually
22.04.2013 Epoch Times Earth Day: The Face of Climate Change
22.04.2013 Environmental News Network Geochemical Climate Testing
21.04.2013 Environmental News Network US Greenhouse Gas Emissions are Down
Mar-25-2013 Environmental News Network Verizon Introduces 'MAGIC' Buses to Reduce Carbon Footpr
Mar-22-2013 The Independent Restructuring the Jute Manufacturing Industry of Bangladesh:
Mar-12-2013 JEC Knowledge and networking Composites Evolution launches low cost jute fibre re 
Mar-06-2013 Environment New Network Warnings of global ecological tipping points may be overstate
Mar-05-2013 Environment New Network Global Warming Will Open Arctic Shipping Routes
Feb-20-2013 Environmental Expert The Seas Rise but the Lands Rise Too
Feb-20-2013 Environmental Expert Air Pollution and Heart Attacks
Feb-19-2013 Environmental Expert Over 35,000 march on Washington demanding climate
Jan 28, 2013 MIT Changing with the climate
Jan 25, 2013 Environmental Expert European Carbon Market in trouble
Jan 23, 2013 Environmental Expert Why 2013 could be a game-changer on climate
Jan 24, 2013 Environmental Expert Greenland Ice May Foretell Future Global Warming Results
Jan 14, 2013 Environmental Expert Update: California Carbon Caps and Market Trading
Jan 6, 2013 Environmental Expert Carbon Dioxide Concentrations and Sea Level
Dec 03 2012 Discovery CO2 Output Hits Record High
Dec 02 2012 BBC Carbon emissions are 'too high' to curb climate change
Nov 16, 2012 Environmental Expert Global Environmental Market Grows 4% in 2012 and 2011
Nov 10, 2012 EarthTalk Deforestation and Global Warming
Nov 10, 2012 Environmental Expert Global Carbon Trading Takes a Big Step Forward
Nov 9, 2012 Environmental Expert Scientists Fear the Extinction of Arabica Coffee
31 Aug, 2012 Environmental Expert Soot and Climate
16 Aug, 2012 The Economic Times Carbon tax - an initiative to reduce emissions
16 Aug, 2012 The Economic Times China produces as much CO2 per person as Europe
16.08.2012 The Economic Times Carbon reporting: Measure It, report it, reduce it
15.07.2012 Times of India BASIC nations call for rollback of EU carbon tax on aviation
10.07.2012 New York Times Global Warming Makes Heat Waves More Likely, Study Finds
08.07.2012 Times of India Reduced sea ice, warming elevate Arctic temperatures
05.07.2012 Herald Sun Julia Gillard faces critics over carbon tax in live Herald Sun blog
04.07.2012 Times of India World braves one of the worst summers
07.2012 Environmental Expert Carbon Footprint Assessment