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15.01.2014 Ghana Web Ghana’s Vanishing Magic Crop  
04.01.2014 Live Science Is Industrial Hemp the Ultimate Energy Crop? (Op-Ed)   
30.09.2013 Knitting Industry CELC launches the ‘Observatoire des Fibres Liberiennes’  
11.09.2013 JEC Group Focal introduces a speaker cone made of flax fibres composites  
30.01.2013 Textiles updates Scientists Develop Special Cotton that Collects Water fro  
28.01.2013 The Hindu Coir factory complex planned  
27.01.2013 BERNAMA.COM_ Boosting Devt Programme For Kenaf As Replacement Cr  
 24.01.2013 Cotton 60% Drop in India Cotton Exports Predicted  
26.07.2012 Truth Theory Hemp – A Cash Crop For Medicine, Food, And Shelter  
02.06.2012 Truth Theory Hemp seed oil: The new healthy oil  
24.06.2012 Truth Theory ELECTRIC CAR BUILT FROM HEMP  
08.06.2012 The Western Producer HEMP – THE ANSWER TO THE GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS?  
13.10.2012 The Ltem Flax company shifts market focus  
12.03.2012 The Independent Pamplico company encourages farmers to grow flax fibers  
27.09.2012 The Hindu Cotton production reaches 1.1 million bales  
17.04.2012 The Gurdian Coir Board seeks to enter new markets  
13.03.2012 The Daily Star NABARD initiative boon for mesta farming  
14.12.2012 The Hindu Cotton futures fall in India  
01.04.2012 The Collective Evolution 5 Ways Hemp Will Change Our World  
11.09.2012 Scoop media Innovative new uses for flax fibre  
18.05.12 Sask Flax new FLAX IS A GOOD CROP OPTION  
07.03.1 Prothom alo The Daily Prothom Alo; Date: 07 March 2012, Page: 15  
11.07.2012 Philippine Information Agency Abaca industry in ZamPen booming  
28.03.2012 Mylaunchpad News Government identifies kenaf as alternative to tobacco  
16.05.2012 Kenactive Innovation Kenactiv Launches Activāt Fiber Technologies  
14.07.2012 Independentaustralia.net Time for Australia to embrace industrial  
05.07.2012 ICAC World Cotton Trade to Drop 18 Percent in 2012/13  
02.07.2012 ICAC World Cotton Trade to Decline Significantly in 2012/13  
14.12.2012 FUKUHARA Flax and Hemp Fibres: A Natural Solution for the Composite Industry  
13.12.2012 FoxNews Hemp: A super food?  
11-11 2012 Environmental Expert Erosion Control Blankets  
12.06.2012 Daily News online edition_Tanzania Shiyanga starts sisal farming  
26.09.2012 Cotton International Is India Considering Another Export Ban?  
30.04.2012 All Africa Cotton’s Image Suffers from Confusion about Sustainability  
23.07.2012 Amar Desh পাটের বিকল্পকেনাফ চাষে খুবিরএগ্রোটেক ডিসিপ্লিনের সফলতা  
15.12.2012 Business Times Tanzania Tanzania: TSB out to revamp sisal industry  
11.07.2012 Collective Evolution Can a Single Plant Solve Many of Our Problems?  
02.08.2012 Cotton International hird in the last three years –are starting to swirl.  
12.11.2012 Commodity Online Polycoir: Natural fibre composite capable of replacing wood  
02.07.2012 Truth Theory ELECTRIC CAR BUILT FROM HEMP