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Retting Practices in India and Bangladesh

Crop is harvested at different stages of maturity depending on various circumstances. Most common harvest stage is when 50% of the plants have produced pods. If the crop is harvested at this stage, both the yield and fibre quality are good. Bundles are kept under water in 2-3 layers. The retting of the whole plants gets completed in about 15-20 days.

Retting Practices in China

Jute is harvested at 50% flower and 50% capsule stage. Kenaf is harvested at 50% leaf shedding and a few capsule-maturing stages. After harvesting, the plants are dried for 1-2 days for defoliation. Each bundle contains about 30 plants. The bundles so made are transported to retting places which include ditches, ponds, lakes, streams and rivers.
Double Immersion / Single-Wash-Retting in China:
Harvested or uprooted JAF plants are kept immersed under water for 5-7 days first. For weighing down the plants under water, stones or soil are used. After this period of submersion, the plants are taken out and ribboned. The ribbons are bundled and again immersed in water for retting until the fibre can be extracted from the ribbons.

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