Retting Practices        Extraction Practices  
  Extraction Practices

After completion of retting of the plants/stems, the extraction of fibres from the retted plants, their washing and drying starts. If the stripping is delayed, biodegradation of the fibres takes place and the fibre quality is affected. 

Single Stem Stripping

In this step bundles of retted plants are placed in front. Two to three plants are taken out of the bundles at a time. using fingers, the heavy non-fibrous matters of the basal areas are scraped off, some fibres of the area are peeled, the fibres of the basal areas are grabbed and the fibres of the whole plants are peeled off from the woody core called jute sticks.

Stripping and Washing or Wash-Jerk-Method

Stripper stands in 0.5 - 0.7 m deep water, picks up 8-10 stems at a time, mallets the butt ends till the fibre is loosened, separates the fibres, wraps it around the fingers, and jerks the remaining portion horizontally on the water surface. As fibre is separated further, it is wrapped around the palm / wrist and the process is continued till the fibre has been completely separated. After this, the fibre is lashed on the water surface 2-3 times completing the washing. The washed fibre is folded, wrangled and kept on the bank of the retting place.


All process in the jute sector are free from child labour . None of these activities can be physically performed by children. IJSG regrets the inadvertent and mistaken presentation of facts in this regard.  



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