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Message from the Secretary General of the IJSG




Dear Friends,


On behalf of International Jute Study group and all its staff members, I express my greetings to all our members, associate members, development partners and all the stakeholders of the jute & kenaf sector.


In the year 2012, IJSG completed a decade of its journey. This odyssey has been quite eventful with several milestones. The Group started in 2002 as a much smaller organization than its predecessor body IJO but with a bigger mandate which includes working for poverty alleviation and also sustainable development. With limited resources and manpower, IJSG has been able to increase the profile of jute, kenaf and allied fibres to new dimensions to the benefit of our stakeholders. The increasing member of Associate Members is just one testimony to the fact that private sector stakeholders like jute industries, business and trade organizations, R&D institutes, private entrepreneurs and jute artisans are putting increasing faith in the Group. As a result we are now a family of 205 Associate Members from 30 countries.


During the present times when the issues of environment and climate change have become major global concerns and more and more ‘governments’ and ‘cities’ are putting restrictions or ban on plastic packaging materials, jute sector is in a unique position to provide the most viable alternative in the form of not only jute carry bags and other packaging materials. It has found applications in auto, infrastructure, home furnishing, construction and several other sectors. We do face stiff competition from so called ‘bio-plastic’ products which are only partially, biodegradable, and jeopardizing global food security in long term. The task is challenging but equally exciting. We trust the consumers to appreciate that ‘bio-plastics’ is not a sound and sustainable alternative like jute.


IJSG has helped in a big way to promote international trade through its non commercial trade services on IJSG website. We have explored the new possibilities of trade promotion in the fast emerging continents of Africa and Latin America and helping several of our associate members through essential sartorial information.


For the year 2013 we have chalked out an ambitious charter of activities which will further increase the relevance of jute, kenaf and allied fibres and also reinforce the utility of the IJSG. IJSG is coming out with various studies, research papers and policy recommendations on issues relating to product diversification, jute geo-textile, increasing sustainability and gender equality, and fair trade practices in the sector.


We solicit the co-operation of all our stakeholders to make this mission a success.





Bhupendra Singh

Secretary General


International Jute Study Group