The IJSG Secretariat send requests to all major jute producing countries for the month-wise data on jute and jute products. The statistics is mostly based on the FAO Statistics of Jute, Kenaf, Sisal, Abaca, Coir and Allied Fibres, and the data received from Bangladesh, India, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Nepal and Pakistan. The Secretariat will keep on putting best efforts to collect information from other producers of Jute and Allied Fibres to make the statistics section more informative in the coming years.


IJSG is making efforts to collect Jute/Kenaf related information/data from reliable sources like R&D institutions, Stake Holders associations, Govt. Departments of various countries and would upload those information in the IJSG website for the benefit of all concern.


  World Production of Jute, Kenaf and Allied Fibres  
  Area, Production and Yield of Jute, Kenaf  and Allied Fibres in Major Producing Countries  
  Production of Jute Products by Type in major producing Countries  
  World Export of Jute, Kenaf and Allied Fibres  
  World Exports of Products of Jute, Kenaf and Allied Fibres  
  World Imports of Raw Jute, Kenaf and Allied Fibres  
  World Imports of Products of Jute, Kenaf and Allied Fibres  
  Export of Jute Products by Type in Major Exporting Countries  
  Export Prices of Jute Products  
  Prices of Jute at Grower Level in Major Producing Countries  
  Representative Export & Import Prices of Jute Fibre  
  Jute/Kenaf Estimated Supplies, Domestic Requirements, Exports and Imports in Major Producing Countries  

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