Jute Coffee Bags (03-02-2014)

  Need Jute Yarns (29-01-2014)  
   Need Standard B. twills Jute Bags as per specifications, The quantity is 1,700,000 bags(12-01-2014)   
  Selling Offer of Jute Shopping Bags   (30-09-2013)  
  Selling offer for Jute Yarns (20-06-2013)  
  Purchase of Jute Twine ( 11-06-2013)  
  Trade offer from Global Induction  (29-05-2013)  
  Query on Jute Yarn or Jute Felt from Russia  (19-05-2013)  
  Country jute twine 3 ply variety no-6 of table no-1 to is, 1912-1984 [ 2nd revision] amdt. No. 1, re-affirmed 2001 or latest. (19-05-2013)  
  Auction of Jute Mill  
  Coconut Fibre Requirement  
  We are an Italian  textile enterprise and we are searching some jute products.  
  we are interested jute yarn pls offer me abow quality .  

I am capable to provide any kinds of  raw jute or jute product as per your requirement10-03-2013

  Provide your best price January 06, 2013  
  Need gunny bag ( Order Quantity - 70,00000 pcs) January 06, 2013  
  Query for Jute  packing rice, dhal, sugar etc ( January 04, 2013 )  
  Query for Jute Mat (June 14, 2012)  
  Delivery is necessary for Jute Hessian Cloth, Burlap (March 07, 2012)  
  Wayward (zambia) Ltd. wants to import large consignment of the 90 - 100kgs jute bags (March 07, 2012)  
  Order for B-twill and Cees jute bags (February 14, 2012)  
  Looking for jute thread and rope with skin (February 13, 2012)  
  Requirement of quotation for Jute Cees Bags (February 09, 2012)  
  Enquiry for export of jute yarns (February 04, 2012)  
  Looking for reliable manufacturer of the Jute Bag (January 09, 2012)  
  Requirement of Jute Leaves Powder (December 26, 2011)  
  Looking for jute cloth manufacturers in Bangladesh (November 19, 2011)  
  Mr. Moniruzzaman Malek is looking for industries in Bangladesh producing best jute bags (November 15, 2011)  
  Carpet making company of Turkey needs 200 tons of Jute per month (November 14, 2011)  
  Jutex corp., Bangladesh is interested to purchase 50m Jute Rolls (November 12, 2011)  
  Commercialization of apparel exclusively made from jute fibers (October 25, 2011)  
  Requirement of 2x20" of hessian cloth 7 oz 40"x40" 9x8 (October 14, 2011)  
  Required Large quantity of Bast Fibre (October 13, 2011)  
  Searching for Jute yarn manufacturing company in Bangladesh (October 12, 2011)  
  Looking for supplier of Tossa jute rope (September 12, 2011)  
  Jute sheets for the tobacco industry in Zimbabwe (September 07, 2011)  
  Require Jute Bags for August and September 2011 (August 17, 2011)  
  Require Jute decorticator machine from Chinese manufacturer (August 14, 2011)  
  Exporter of raw jute (August 10, 2011)  
  Requirements of Jute Bags (June 01, 2011)  

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