Jute Fabric wanted for making garments like Shirt, trouser etc. (May 25, 2011)  
  Purchase order for Jute Bags (May 24, 2011)  
  Textile, Yarn & Apparel Accessories manufacturing Company (May 19, 2011)  
  “Lemar Tree Spades” is looking for jute nursery liners supplier (April 12, 2011)  
  Muhammad Ali wants to invest in Bangladesh Jute Sector (April 12, 2011)  
  Purchase offer for 108,000 Pcs. Potato Jute Bag (March 03, 2011)  
  Seeking for long fibre processing machines information (February 27, 2011)  
  Import of Raw Jute (Tossa Brand) from Bangladesh (February 25, 2011)  
  M/S JRF Spinners Ltd. Bangladesh looking for Jute Yarn buyer (February 23, 2011)  
  Mr. Matthias Jaeckel is searching for Jute Big Bag (February 01, 2011)  
  Requirements of Jute Fabrics (January 29, 2011)  
  looking for Jute Particle Boards (January 04, 2011)  
  Purchase and sell textile machines (December 19, 2010)  
  Looking for the decorticator for kenaf separation process (December 15, 2010)  
  Old Jute Mill Machinery for Sale (December 14, 2010)  
  Inquiry for JDP supplier (December 10, 2010)  
  Looking for quotation of jute sack (December 09, 2010)  
  Inquiry for lab assistance (December 03, 2010)  
  Looking for Jute Diversified Product Suppliers (November 26, 2010)  
  Want to purchase 100 tonnes of Hessian and Sacking bag (November 23, 2010)  
  Looking for High Performance Natural Fibre suppliers in IJSG Associate Members (October 25, 2010)  
  Inquiry of Jute Hessian fabric- Barcelona Spain (October 18, 2010)  
  Looking for information on jute carpet backing cloth (CBC)  
  Requirement of jute geo-textile (July 07, 2010)  
  Seeking information on jute cultivation and jute product exporter (July 09, 2010)  
  Vietnam Paper Corporation would like to visit paper mills in China, Myanmar & Bangladesh (June 08, 2010)  
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