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  March 12.2014 Jute production on wane on export fall  
  March 10.2014 Govt to buy 20m gunny bags for food storage  
  March 09.2014 Sudden mill closure forces employees to stage protest  
  March 09.2014 Manufacturing need-based jute products  
  March 08.2014 Country's jute, jute goods export earning falls by 30pc this fiscal  
  March 05.2014 Rice millers fear uneven competition with importers  
  March 052014 Govt push for plastic packing of foodgrains to hit jute mills  
  March 02.2014 Govt slow to enforce jute packaging law  
  March 01.2014 19 jute-spinning mills shut in 8 months  
  February 28.2014 India to help develop textile, jute sectors  
  February 27.2014 Infrastructure of jute mill sold for Rs 10.3m  
  February 24.2014 Ghana: COCOBOD to Produce Jute Sacks - President  
  February 17.2014 Govt lacks interest in enforcing jute packaging law  
  February 22.2014 China becomes new market of Bangladeshi jute goods  
  February 19.2014 Mandatory jute packaging a must to eliminate polythene  
  February 19.2014 20 jute mills shut for low demand  
  February 17.2014 Govt lacks interest in enforcing jute packaging law  
  February 15.2014 Govt to implement Mandatory Package Act, 2010 soon: Jute Minister  
  February 12.2014 National Jute Fair jam packed after excited crowd throngs it  
  February 11.2014 BJMC to launch mobile courts to enforce act  
  February 09.2014 JUTE: Losing Lustre  
  February 09.2014 Jute goods worth 3.84b lying unsold in 9 Khulna jute mills  
  February 06.2014 Diversified use of jute  
  January  29.2014 Trend of jute conference bags catching up  
  February 02.2014 Jute industry faces CCI flak for price rigging, cartelization  
  February 01.2014 Jute: Drawing attention of the policymakers  
  January 31.2014 Price hike of jute bags hits Tariff Commission's wall  
  January 30.2014 Made-in-Jail products of Bihar find markets  
  January 28.2014 Jute strike on February 12  
  January 23.2014 Food Ministry belies jute industry's claims on demand overestimation  
  January 20.2014 Headache for jute  
  January 15.2014 Jute industry in dock for selling in open market  
  January 18.2014 India Govt raises MSP of Raw Jute to Rs2400/100kg for 2014-15  
  January 18.2014 Bangla-India textile JWG meets in city Jan 21IJSG's successor body high on agenda  
  January 13.2014 Lebanon keen to import jute, jute goods from Bangladesh  
  January 11.2014 Exports of jute, jute goods fall drastically Unrest at home, importing states blamed  
  January 08.2014 Jute industry in crisis over supply of 30-kg bags  
  January 07.2014 Indian Textile Ministry to promote jute fabrics for rural roads  
  January 06.2014 Textile Ministry plans to promote use of jute fabrics for rural roads  
  January 05.2014 Go green with jute  
  January 04.2014 Support price for jute hiked to Rs 2,400/quintal  
  January 04.2014 India's jute exports may reach Rs 28bn in FY 2013-14'  
  January 03.2014 Minimum Support Price of Raw Jute at Rs.2400 per quintal for 2014-15 seasons  
  December 30.2013 Jute win for Jusco’s green war  
  December 29.2013 Export earnings from jute, jute goods drop drastically  
  December 27.2013 The Indian Jute Mills Association (IJMA) has said that the reduction in procurement of jute bags for sugar for the upcoming season will “adversely impact” the industry.  According to the new provisions, 20 per cent of sugar will have to be mandatorily packed in jute bags.  
  December 26.2013 Jute mills body concerned on dilution of JPM Act provisions  
  December 11.2013 NBR sets C&F agentsā commission on jute, fish, carpet exports  
  December 10.2013 Rivals unite in jute protest  
  December 26.2013 International Conference on ‘Global Challenges and Prospects of Jute and Allied Fibres’  
  December 19.2013 Jute exports likely to rise 33% this fiscal  
  December 02.2013 Raw jute export plunges  
  December 11.2013 NBR sets C&F agents’ commission on jute, fish, carpet exports  
  December 07.2013 Political unrest, financial crunch hit jute sector  
  December 02.2013 Spl plan of action for ailing jute industry: Mamata  
  November 28.2013 CCEA approved mandatory use of jute in packaging for the jute year 2013-14  
  November 26.2013

Bangladesh may lose market in diversified jute products,India investing in new mills, research and development

  November 22.2013 Output fall, political chaos raise raw jute prices  
  November 19.2013 Himachal HC extends stay on ban of snacks in plastic bags till Dec 9  
  November 18.2013 Jute Extravaganza at Alliance Francaise  
  November 15.2013 Sri Lanka offers land for jute cultivation  
  November 14.2013 Rescue package for jute sector  
  November 11.2013 Import of raw jute rises as local production falls  
  November 08.2013 PMO seeks clarification from Textile min on jute bags dilution  
  November 08.2013 Waste management trashes plastic bag ban  
  November 04.2013 ‘Exotic Jute II’ woos huge visitors every day  
  November 04.2013 EXOTIC JUTE II  
  October 31.2013 Jute and the denim dream of Bangladesh  
  October 30.2013 Export to India drops by 29pc in Q1 despite RMG rise  
  October 30.2013 Jute farmers mitigate losses by selling stocks in Jhenidah  
  October 07.2013 28 corporations owe Tk 92.25 billion to banks: Muhith  
  October 22.2013 Jute exports fetch Tk 53.83cr  
  October 22.2013 BJMC set to become a losing entity again  
  October 21.2013 Export earnings from raw jute dwindle  
  October 20.2013 Get weaving: Forgotten skill kept alive by Forfar project  
  October 19.2013 MSP for jute to be around Rs 2,350-2,400 for 2014-15  
  October 10.2013 BB to distribute soft loan to revitalize jute sector  
  October 09.2013 Jute and the denim dream of Bangladesh  
  October 07.2013 Farmers frown at jute pricesCash-strapped BJMC virtually stays out of purchase; poor sale of golden fibre  
  October 03.2013 Training programme on jute  
  September 27. 2013 Nineteen entrepreneurs take part in weeklong National Jute Board Jute Fair  
  September 30. 2013 Private jute mill starts operation in Rajshahi  
  September 28. 2013 Jute bags mandatory for rice and wheat  
  September 27. 2013 Gulf News marks 35th anniversary  
  September 26. 2013 TABLE-Bangladesh jute report - Sept 26  
  September 26. 2013 Jute farmers demand h igher price  
  September 26. 2013 Mini jute mills growing in Nilphamari district  
  September 25. 2013 Co-optex now says JUTE!  
  September 23. 2013 Railway job-for-land policy scrapped  
  September 23. 2013 Jute geo-textiles to protect railway tracks  
  September 23. 2013 TABLE-Bangladesh jute report - Sept 23  
  September 23. 2013 North East Design Fest ended with a grand success in Delhi  
  September 20. 2013 Variety from Odisha  
  September 19. 2013 Jute sacks made compulsory for rice packaging  
  September 19. 2013 Caird Hall concert supports effort to restore Scottish jute workers’ Indian  
  September 19. 2013 Lifting jute out of external shocks  
  September 17. 2013 IJSG conducts workshop on “Revisit the Roadmap for Jute”  
  September 11. 2013 Export growth drops as apparel shipments fall  
  September 10. 2013 Reclaiming gold in fibres  
  September 09. 2013 Jute industry opposes new procurement system  
  September 09. 2013 Magura farmers count losses despite bumper jute production  
  September 08. 2013 Historic Dundee jute mill to be saved from demolition  
  September 03. 2013 Non-execution of mandatory jute packaging slated  
  September 03. 2013 Jute experts for implementation of Jute Packaging Act  
  September 03. 2013 Implement Jute Packaging Act to offset sluggish exports  
  September 02. 2013 Jute takes a hit from Middle-East crisis, rupee slide  
  September 02. 2013 Pvt Jute mills beset by fund crunch as they don't get loans at low rate  
  August 31. 2013 Jute growers affected by price manipulation  
  August 31. 2013 Packaging Act implementation  
  August 30. 2013 Ribbon retting fails to attract jute farmers  
  August 25. 2013 Farmers selling jute below production cost  
  August 25. 2013 Timely action needed to save jute production  
  August 24. 2013 Mongla port now to have exclusive shed  
  August 22. 2013 Jute mill reopens  
  August 21. 2013 Dhaka, Delhi sign MoU on co-op in textiles sector  
  August 18. 2013 'Genome sequencing of local jute disclosed'  
  August 18. 2013 Bangladeshi scientists decode jute genome  
  August 18. 2013 The burden of loss-making jute mills  
  August 15. 2013 Bangladesh-India textile cooperation agreement on Monday  
  August 17. 2013 Ewedu leaves: More than a vegetable  
  August 16. 2013 Dhaka, Delhi eye bigger textile coop  
  August 12. 2013 Ribbon retting for rotting jute plants amid water scarcity stressed  
  August 4. 2013 First-ever jute commodity exchange starts operation from this month  
  August 3. 2013 Regaining lost glory of the 'golden fibre'  
  August 2. 2013 Ailing jute sector needs special privileges  
  August 1. 2013 Such A Jute!  
  July 31. 2013 Ghillie Jute String improves your Camouflage  
  July 31. 2013 Tk 5.0b SoB credit for jute mills this week  
  July 29. 2013 Jute industry likely to lose Rs 1,000 cr on demand fall  
  July 28. 2013 Jute' em up!  
  July 23. 2013 Small venture, huge impact  
  July 22. 2013 Private jute mills creating job opportunities in Bogra  
  July 21. 2013 Exploring new markets to achieve export target  
  July 17. 2013 Desi fibre making noise  
  July 18. 2013 Export target set at $30.5bn for FY14  
  July 16. 2013 Tk 6714.66 cr earned thru exporting raw jute, jute goods in 2011-2012: Jute Minister  
  July 15. 2013 Jute finds a special place in ‘Cotton and Silk mela’  
  July 15. 2013 Private jute industry may get funding  
  July 14. 2013 Carry-over stocks, low demand may put pressure on raw jute prices  
  July 13. 2013 Jute sacks for packaging food products  
  July 12. 2013 Jute exports take a hit from steep fall in India’s rupee  
  July 11. 2013 Jute exports hit billion-dollar mark in FY'12  
  July 10. 2013 Jute mills face cartelisation charges, get CCI notice  
  July 10. 2013 Jute goods ends up on Jodia Bazaar  
  July 08. 2013 DAE estimates bumper jute production in northern region  
  July 07. 2013 Jute yarn exports see tough time in FY13 for Eurozone crisis  
  July 04. 2013 Jute mills might face ban, stricter action on supply default  
  June 30. 2013 Jute mill on the verge of closure  
  June 27. 2013 Jute sector explores advantage of carbon credit  
  June 27. 2013 On a jute trail  
  June 20. 2013 Use of jute in automobile industry: A new prospect for Bangladesh  
  June 17. 2013 Jute cultivation acreage ‘marks 7pc rise’  
  June 27. 2013 Two cheers for Jute fibre  
  June 20. 2013 Low quality jute bags: 5 firms in trouble  
  June 19. 2013 Rules designed for mandatory use of jute sacks  
  June 17. 2013 DGSD revises payment terms for jute industry  
  June 10. 2013 Exports grow 15.5pc year-on-year in May  
  June 06. 2013 57,800 bales of jute to be produced in Narsingdi  
  June 06. 2013 Int’l Jute Study Group celebrates World Environment Day  
  June 06. 2013 Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation's unique scheme to encourage jute bag usage  
  June 06. 2013 Five-day jute exhibition begins in Ooty  
  June 06. 2013 Bid to popularize jute carrybags  
  June 04. 2013 Plant a sapling, use a jute bag and educate hawkers this World Environment Day  
  May 30. 2013 Making women self-reliant through handicrafts  
  May 25. 2013 Tk 500m jute goods remain unsold  
  May 26. 2013 The Uses and Abuses of Plastic Bags  
  May 24. 2013 Reviving jute's lost glory is daunting but not impossible  
  May 24. 2013 Food ministry for 30% dilution in jute bag use rule  
  May 20. 2013 Bid to use jute to stop Darjeeling soil loss  
  May 18. 2013 Jute makes eco-friendly and cute bags  
  May 17. 2013 Raw jute prices might fall 10%  

May 06. 2013

BD fails to capture jute shopping bag market in UAE for scarcity of fabric  

May 05. 2013

Rates supplied by the Bangladesh Jute Association  

May 01. 2013

JONESING FOR JUTE, Espadrilles are go-to fair-weather friends for feet  
  April 27, 2013 Dubai to say no to plastic bags  
  April 27, 2013 Jute export earning 'to remain stagnant this fiscal'  
  April 24, 2013 Cultivation of jute starts in Nilphamari  
  April 23, 2013 Extensive jute cultivation programme in Gaibandha  
  April 23, 2013 Tough choices for Bangladesh  
  April 22, 2013 Earth Day: The Face of Climate Change  
  April 21, 2013 FBR tells RTOs, LTUs: 5pc ST be charged on supply of jute bags to govt depts  
  April 19, 2013 Pre-budget meeting with NBRBJMA urges govt to withdraw 5.0pc tax at source on cash subsidy against export  
  April 20, 2013 Private jute mill owners for facilities similar to those of state-owned ones  
  April 21, 2013 5810 kgs jute seeds allotted in 2 dists  
  April 16, 2013 Jute production target fixed in Jamalpur  
  April 17, 2013 Jute cultivation going on in Mymensingh  
  April 16, 2013 Dundee plans to renew world’s oldest jute mill  
  April 14, 2013 Lack of rain delays jute sowing in Assam, Bengal  
  April 09, 2013 Govt approves hike in minimum support price of jute  
  April 02, 2013 The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved a Rs 100/quintal hike in minimum support price for raw jute on Tuesday.  
  April 02, 2013 Political crisis in ME hits jute export  
  April 01, 2013 Earnings from jute sacks, bags rise by 35pc in 8 months  
  March 29, 2013 Jute seeds allotted for Jamalpur, Sherpur  
  March 25, 2013 Govt targets 8.5pc rise in jute output next fiscal  
  March 23, 2013 Brazilian minister may visit BD next month  
  March 13, 2013 Govt to inject Tk 4bn to jute sector in FY13  
  March 13, 2013 2nd unit of Rajshahi Jute Mills to start this year  
  March 13, 2013 Biratnagar Jute Mill resuming production from April  
  March 10, 2013 Jute bags from Dora Bag  
  March 11, 2013 Production and Revival of Jute Mills  
  March 04, 2013 Jute industry gets some cheer from budget wants more tax  
  March 04, 2013 New jute mill inaugurated in Faridpur  
  March 01, 2013 Minister urges all to foil conspiracies over jute  
  February 25, 2013 Jute bag export posts 45pc growth  
  February 25,2013 Banks told to give loan to jute millers at 7.0pc  
  February 17,2013 Jute industries likely to face indefinite strike  
  February 17,2013 Jute sheets to be tested as base material for roads  
  February 11,2013 Strikes, lockouts haunt Bengal jute industry  
  February 10,2013 Traders openly flout ban on plastic bags in Delhi  
  February 09,2013 Jute shows new prospect  
  February 07,2013   Jute, coir to reinforce roads in State soon  
  February 07,2013   Visakhapatnam hosts jute fair  
  February 05,2013   Lack of quality output, high price affecting jute  
  January 31, 2013  Immense potential for diversified jute products  
  January 30, 2013  Indian jute industry to seek withdrawal of duty on imported fibre  
  January 25, 2013  Varied hues of the golden fibre  
  January 20, 2013  Jute act largely not enforced  
  January 13, 2013   Jute fair from Wednesday  
  January 12, 2013   Reopening of Bangladesh jute mills to create 4000 jobs  
  January 08, 2013  Jute is golden also for environment  
  January 07, 2013   No more free jute bags with Vajpayee's photo in Himachal Pradesh  

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