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  December 31 2012 Diluted packaging norms reduce demand for Indian jute  
  December 30 2012 Diversification of jute goods a must for development of jute sect  
  December 23 2012 Jute products showcased  
  December 18 2012 Jute - The Golden Fibre  
  December 18 2012 Chennai hosts Jute Festival  
  December 13 2012 Jute exports to India suffer for poor infrastructure, non-tariff bar  
  December 12, 2012 JJI jute goods export falls short of target  
  December 8, 2012 Get stylish, the jute way  
   November 30 2012 Bangladesh Can Meet Big Proportion of World Jute Demand  
  November 21  2012 PM assures of providing all support to jute research  
  November 12, 2012 SUCI activists protest in Kolkata against government’s anti-jute  
  November 7, 2012 Raw jute price up by 25pc after price debacle during harvesting s  
  November 06, 2012 Gazette notification on Jute Packaging Act published  
  October 30, 2012 BJMA leaders for exploring new markets to boost jute goods export  
  October 24, 2012 Frustration grips growers as jute prices remain low  
  October 24, 2012 Cabinet panel clears Textile Ministry plan for dilution of norms  
  October 15, 2012 Farmers disheartened over low jute price in Pabna  
  October 14, 2012 Foundation seeds of jute distributed among farmers  
  October 05, 2012 Allahabad MP demands jute bags for wheat farmers  
  October 02, 2012 DIY Rustic Rug Of Jute Or Sisal Rope  
  October 01, 2012 Indian curbs on jute goods worry exporters  
  September 30, 2012 Funding constraints put damper on jute market  
  September 29, 2012 Aspiring entrepreneurs urged to manufacture jute-based products  
  September 26, 2012 4,000 lose job as Howrah jute mill shuts down  
  September 19, 2012 Genetic code of harmful fungus cracked  
  September 13, 2012 1.06m bales jute produced in Rangpur zone  
  September 12, 2012 Cloth and jute bags good replacements for plastic  
  September 10, 2012 West Bengal govt approves Rs 450mn for two sick jute mills  
  September 08, 2012 Farmers disgruntled over low jute price in Kurigram  
  September 07, 2012 Rs 45-cr relief package for 2 jute mills  
  September 07, 2012 Magura farmers disheartened over drastic fail in jute price  
  September 06, 2012 India declines to import jute bags from Bangladesh, Nepal  
  September 05, 2012 Rajshahi jute growers denied fair price for middlemen  
  September 03, 2012 India National Fibre Policy has been formulated  
  August 30, 2012 Harvested jute drying up for poor rain in Rangpur, Bangladesh  
  August 30, 2012 Slow buy at 'free' rates by govt mills adds to dull jute price - Bangladesh  
  August 29, 2012 West Bengal jute growers seek fair returns for produce  
  August 28, 2012 Jute Bag Makers Losing Rs 200 Cr Every Year On Outdated Pricing Formula - India  
  August 28, 2012 Business success is in the bag  
  August 28, 2012 Farmers for expediting jute purchase to ensure fair price  
  August 27, 2012 Indian govt releases Rs. 577mn subsidy for jute mills  
  August 26, 2012 Bengal jute producers worried over fair price  
  August 24, 2012 Jute rotting faces problem for want of adequate water in  
  August 23, 2012 Business with a heart- Dharti Jute Emporium, India rides on the twin causes of women empowerment and spreading eco-  
  August 22, 2012 Bangladesh jute report - Aug 22  
  August 16, 2012 Ribbon retting helps rotting jute stalks  
  August 13, 2012 Production and Export of Jute in India  
  August 13, 2012 Jute Packaging Act needs amendment: Textiles Ministry  
  August 13, 2012 Make jute cultivation profitable  
  August 12, 2012 Jute goods worth Tk 500m lying unsold at JJI  
  August 11, 2012 Shun plastics! Bring back the reusable and recycled cotton or jute bags  
  August 10, 2012 For a change, let’s try jute  
  August 10, 2012 Make Your Home Green and Eco Friendly with Jute Goods  
  August 10, 2012 India’s jute output likely to dip in 2012-13  
  August 08, 2012 Time to re-visit Jute Packaging Act: Kiran Dhingra  
  August 07, 2012 Jute output likely to decline by 12%  
  August 05, 2012 Bangladesh jute report - Aug 5  
  August 04, 2012 State-run jute-mills' profit plunges again in FY12  
  August 03, 2012 Rain god blesses jute, cotton and sugarcane farmers  
  July 05, 2012 Jute industry eyes new markets to scale up exports  
  July 04, 2012 Jute mills seek more time to reply to antitrust watchdog’s notices  
  July 03, 2012 West Bengal to have two jute parks by this year  
  July 03, 2012 Jute industry needs diversification: Official  
  July 03, 2012 Bangladesh jute report - July 3  
  July 03, 2012 US sanction on Iran: Bangladesh is the loser!  
  July 03, 2012 Bumper jute production on way in Khulna division  
  July 03, 2012 Carbon Footprint Assessment  
  July 02, 2012 Delayed rain may dampen jute production  
  July 02, 2012 Iran sanction dampens jute exports  
  July 01, 2012 3 years on, plastic bag use rampant, ban only on paper  
  June 30, 2012 Nilphamari jute farmers losing interest  
  June 29, 2012 CCI serves notice to seven jute mills in West Bengal  
  June 28, 2012 Natural Fibre Mission to be launched in West Bengal  
  June 28, 2012 Tk 10m jute goods damaged in Khulna downpour  
  June 27, 2012 Why some SMEs succeed and some others fail  
  June 27, 2012 Rio+20 agreement - a modest step in the right direction  
  June 25, 2012 West Bengal, Assam, Bihar expect huge jute production boost on rising demand  
  June 25, 2012 Call to use latest tech to boost jute production  
  June 23, 2012 Neha Dhupia follows an 'organic' life  
  June 22, 2012 Sacking grade jute yarn export to China marks extensive rise  
  June 20, 2012 Rio+20: protecting the environment is not enough  
  June 20, 2012 Export slump hurts jute cultivation in Bangladesh  
  June 19, 2012 Bangladesh jute report - June 19  
  June 19, 2012 BD moves to sign FTA deal with Turkey  
  June 19, 2012 Banned polythene bags swamp Narsingdi kitchen markets  
  June 19, 2012 ‘Use eco-friendly carry bags’  
  June 19, 2012 Stop picnics, start eco-tourism in Sundarbans: Bengal forest dept  
  June 18, 2012 India planed to develop northeast jute sector  
  June 17, 2012 The Trade Dimension in the Follow-up to the Rio plus 20 Summit  
  June 14, 2012 Bangladesh earns Tk over 857.27cr from jute goods  
  June 14, 2012 BJMA urged government to bring down the tax on export products  
  June 12, 2012 Jute spinners criticise proposed hike in tax at source for all types of export  
  June 11, 2012 Bangladesh Export earnings register 4.17pc negative growth in May  
  June 10, 2012 BJA worried about tax rise at source on export income  
  June 09, 2012 Progressive People’s Party (PPP) will build a jute factory in Ghana  
  June 09, 2012 Global warming causing Himalayan glacier to diminish each year  
  June 09, 2012 Vedanta distributes 10,000 jute bags to phase out polythene  
  June 06, 2012 Polythene bags banned in Patna zoo  
  June 06, 2012 Plastic bags may vanish from malls  
  June 04, 2012 Production in Khulna jute mills falls for load-shedding  
  June 03, 2012 Indo- Bangla Trade Fair ends with positive response from visitors  
  June 01, 2012 Bangladesh requested Iran to Cut duty on jute, its products  
  May 28, 2012 Bright prospect for jute goods export  
  May 28, 2012 Jute cultivation exceeds target in Rangpur, Bangladesh  
  May 26, 2012 Top six Bangladesh exporters get HSBC awards  
  May 25, 2012 Jute sector: Promises to be kept  
  May 22, 2012 Prospect of jute goods high in EU  
  May 22, 2012 IJSG completes 35 projects for development of jute sector  
  May 22, 2012 Experts tell Bangladesh government to allocate money for jute  
  May 22, 2012 IJSG implements 35 projects worth $18m  
  May 22, 2012 Jute prospects brighten as people go eco-savvy  
  May 18, 2012 Owners reject govt-fixed minimum wage for private jute mill workers  
  May 17, 2012 Govt to import even as domestic jute bags rot  
  May 17, 2012 Robust demand for jute bags to stay: Manish Poddar- Interview with Chairman, IJMA   
  May 16, 2012 India's bumper cereal output a boon to BD jute exporters  
  May 14, 2012 Indian Government takes various supportive measures for jute growers/cultivators  
  May 12, 2012 Fire in Howrah factory  
  May 11, 2012 Centre arranging gunny bags for Madhya Pradesh  
  May 10, 2012 Allahabad MP demands jute bags for wheat farmers  
  May 10, 2012 Exporters bring back jute from Benapole port  
  May 09, 2012 Jute cultivation project taken in Gopalganj, Bangladesh  
  May 08, 2012 Hillary Clinton encouraged fashion design councils and more trade information about environmentally sustainable materials  
  May 07, 2012 Number of Indian handloom workers down nearly 34%  
  May 07, 2012 Procurement of Jute by Govt. of India  
  May 07, 2012 Threat of plastic bags bigger than atom bomb: SC  
  May 06, 2012 PJMA plans to grow jute on 1,000 acres of land next year  
  May 06, 2012 Delhi imposes duties on jute and jute goods  
  May 05, 2012 Japan urged to allow duty-free mkt access of all BD products  
  May 02, 2012 Jute mission extended by 2 years to achieve targets  
  May 02, 2012 Labour woes affect jute sowing in North-East  
  May 01, 2012 Jute goods makers moving fast towards value added shipments  
  April 30, 2012 BD may sign cotton import deal with Uzbekistan  
  April 29, 2012 Handicrafts giving way to plastic glut in Narsingdi  
  April 29, 2012 Rs 20m lost in jute mill blaze  
  April 26, 2012 Bangladesh hopeful of boosting CBC export to Australia, NZ  
  April 25, 2012 Madhya Pradesh CM seek jute bag available to Delhi for wheat packaging  
  April 25, 2012 Pakistan exports go up by Rs8 crores including jute  
  April 25, 2012 4 jute godowns, over 100 houses gutted in fire in Bangladesh  
  April 24, 2012 Extensive jute cultivation planned in Gaibandha, Bangladesh  
  April 24, 2012 Plugging the loopholes in SME financing -Editorial  
  April 23, 2012 UNCTAD XIII: Expectation of the LDCs  
  April 22, 2012 Green fee likely to be implemented from May in Shimla  
  April 21, 2012 Export earning from jute goods dips in July-March period  
  April 17, 2012 India's leading Textile and Apparel Fair “Tex-Trends India” will be held on July 2012  
  April 16, 2012 India and Pakistan agreeing to trade jute, Pharmaceuticals, cement, fabric, petrochemicals through ICP  
  April 16, 2012 50% drop in use of plastic bags: BMC  
  April 16, 2012 Pakistan-India trade could touch $7bn  
  April 14, 2012 Bangladesh Govt moves to finalise deal with China to produce jute based paper pulp  
  April 14, 2012 Dhaka, Ankara agree on FTA  
  April 13, 2012 Dependence on import of jute seeds on the rise in Bangladesh  
  April 13, 2012 Daulatpur Jute Mills reopens after 9 yrs  
  April 13, 2012 Indian Co- operative mills pitch for cut in levy sugar obligation  
  April 12, 2012 Dhaka-Aankara sign seven instruments to bolster ties  
  April 09, 2012 A hailstorm and heavy rain in Purnia will help jute growers  
  April 04, 2012 Austria to spend 160 million euros to close Kyoto gap  
  April 04, 2012 Bangladesh Prime Minister's Turkey visit  
  March 30, 2012 $70m jute goods export from Bangladesh to Iran uncertain  
  March 29, 2012 Natural fibres key to environment and tackling poverty  
  March 29, 2012 BJMC seeks MoTJ move for reopening jute mills  
  March 29, 2012 Fears fall in output of jute products due to power cut - Bangladesh  
  March 28, 2012 Jute is set to bounce back - Editorial  
  March 27, 2012 Use of jute geo textiles going on in IJSG project  
  March 27, 2012 Bihar's Only Jute Mill Burning For Last Four Days, One Dead  
  March 27, 2012 World jute moot opens in Dacca, Karachi  
  March 24, 2012 Stop use of harmful poly bags - Editorial  
  March 23, 2012 Eastern Jutex Industries, India Launched Their Business Website  
  March 22, 2012 Power outages hamper production in mills, boro cultivation  
  March 21, 2012 India Strengthening Trade with SAFTA Nations  
  March 21, 2012 Jute prices up in Rajbari, hoarders making profits  
  March 21, 2012 SAARC trade, tourism fair opens on March 30  
  March 20, 2012 BJMC workers call off strike  
  March 19, 2012 European natural fiber and the development of wood plastics composites  
  March 18, 2012 Bangladesh State-owned jute mills worker to go on strike again  
  March 16, 2012 Hoarders make high profit as jute prices jump - Bangladesh  
  March 15, 2012 Bangladesh to be in need of 900m jute bags a year with Act's operation  
  March 15, 2012 First ever Bangladesh fair in Kuwait city in May  
  March 08, 2012 Cathedral gets new carpet  
  March 06, 2012 CBLFTA becomes IJSG associate member  
  March 05, 2012 China to widen import of jute items from Bangladesh  
  March 05, 2012 BFU holds workshop to promote B’desh jute products  
  March 04, 2012 Lack of proper policy support fails to boost Bangladesh jute goods export  
  March 03, 2012 Jute goods worth Tk 60 million gutted in Jessore, Bangladesh  

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